gymnastic Berlin

Yes, it has been a while….

So, trivia: What is this ->
- Ten thousands of ppl of all age groups walking around in all parts of the city
- many of them having some kind of ID card hanging around their belly
- almost all of them wearing sportive jackets, many of them mentioning towns you probably never heard of
- a whole industry sells them teddy bears that wear t-shirts that have the name of the event the vistors joined on them and lots of other gimmicks and souvenirs
Well, its the “Deutsche Turnfest” , so the “German gymnastic festival” which is currently happening in Berlin.
What this is all about I kinda don’t get, yes I somehow have a clue, but why they are celebrating and what kind of competition and events are taking place – who knows.
But they seem to have fun here and if this event effects, that Berlin as a tourist city gets a bonus from this and people enjoy their stay here – good for us ;)

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