Non-smoking restaurants in Berlin

Update 10/08: There are still a lot of people visiting this page when searching for smokefree restaurants and pubs in Berlin. As of Jan 08 a non-smoking ban made a lot of public place smokefree but parts of it were declared invalid by the “Supreme Court” of Germany a while later. This happened because the judges ruled that it is unfair if bigger pubs are able to create separate smoking rooms while smaller pubs do not have the space for that. The Berlin senate is working at a new version of the non-smoking ban.

So, how is the current situation? The simple rule is like this: If it looks like a restaurant, profits in big parts from offering food then in almost all the cases it is smokefree, if it looks like a pub or bar basing their profits on drinks then it is not smokefree. The new law being worked on at the moment will have some paragraphs telling pubs that are offering food to not allow smoking but due to the fact that there are only a few people running around in the city being employed for controlling restaurants and pubs the chances, that they’ll find the black sheeps are very small. Summarizing what is happing you could say: If you wanna eat smokefree – no problem, if you just wanna have a drink or beer in a smokefree pub – forget it, stay at the restaurant and drink there.

Before the non-smoking ban this page was visited very often for its list of non-smoking restaurants/cafes/bars and at least for the restaurants it is not necessary anymore, for the pubs it would contain no entry so far because at least I don’t know of any pub that is smokefree in this city.
But here is the old list, just for the fun of it:


(district including War Memorial church, boulevard Kurfürstendamm, department store KadeWe)

Balzac Coffee
Knesebeckstraße 1-2, 10623 Berlin
completely smokefree
coffeehouse chain, in opposite to Starbucks, this german coffee house chain offers cheaper prizes for similar drinks and cakes, after being smoked up completely the whole chain went smokefree a while ago

Hard Rock Cafe
Meinekestraße 21, 10719 Berlin
non-smoking section
american restaurant situated in one of the side streets of the Kurfürstendamm. Why this american restaurant owned by an american company only offers a small non smoking zone I don’t understand.

Tauentzienstraße 21 – 24, 10789 Berlin
non-smoking section
self service restaurant at the highest level of the department store. This is not the main place to go and eat something at the Kadewe though. If you go down one level you’ll find various delicacies and special foods to buy and you have the chance to eat at various mini-restaurants directly. All of them are smokefree.

Kurfürstendamm 14/15, 10719 Berlin
swiss self service restaurant
big non-smoking section
I’m not a fan of food that once was made fresh but is just sitting there under some heating lamps. Some food is being made fresh in front of your eyes though, if you are in a hurry this place is ok

Pizza Hut
Tauentzienstraße 8, 10789 Berlin
non-smoking section
american pizza restaurant chain

Goethestraße 2, 10623 Berlin
completely smokefree
indian vegetarian restaurant. This seems to be the only smokefree indian restaurant in town, vegan menues available too. Somebody working there told me though that in absolute exceptional cases they have two tables in the far back near the beergarden where people if they insist on it can smoke. So, it might sometimes be not completely smokefree? Big variety of known and more unknown indian meals.

Starbucks Coffee
Kurfürstendamm 231, 10719 Berlin
completely smokefree
small store of that chain, short opening hours which is, looking at the location of this store, not understandable

Ansbacher Straße 21, 10787 Berlin
completely smokefree
big variety of freshmade soups. I can not say more about this specific store of this chain since I am almost exclusivly being customer at the other store in Mitte

Goethestrasse 5, 10623 Berlin
completely smokefree
Small Swingcafe with short opening times offering some concerts

World Coffee in Hugendubel
Tauentzienstraße 13, 10789 Berlin
completely smokefree
cafe in a bookstore, while other World Coffee stores are smoked up, the ones in malls and this one here is smokefree

(district with a lot of specialty stores, Bergmannstraße, restaurants and lots of nice looking renovated houses)
My hope is this district has much more non-smoking restaurants, but I don’t know them since I don’t go there that often.

Backhaus Liberda
Zossener Straße 47, 10961 Berlin
completely smokefree
Standard offer of cakes, snacks and coffee, pretty spacious with lots of tables

Bergmannstraße 21, 10961 Berlin
completely smokefree
Deli and Cafe, selfmade cakes, bagels, soups, hot meals, the coffee for both Barcomi’s is roasted here, compared with the other Barcomi’s in Mitte this cafe is pretty narrow, dark and has some simple, older furniture

Krossener Straße 12, 10245 Berlin
completely smokefree
Cafè offering american and english breakfast as well as goodies like cupcakes, rice crispy treats and beans on toast

Simon-Dach-Straße 41a, 10245 Berlin
completely smokefree
nice cafè not only offering the standard drinks but having coffee specialities from other countries as well, teas and cakes

Gneisenaustr. 22, 10961 Berlin
small Falafel place, friendly service, good food and tea.

(district including the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin cathedral, TV Tower, Hackesche Höfe and Alexanderplatz):

All in One
Rosenthaler Straße 43, 10178 Berlin
completely smokefree
arabian specialities, Döner, Falafel, open 24 h, always crowded, directly in the entrance to a grocery store that could be open all day long like this place but it sadly isn’t, you order and pay right away when you enter

Bäcker Steinecke
Dircksenstrasse 52, 10178 Berlin
non-smoking section
normally bakeries do not offer many tables to sit at, this has a lot of them though

Bagels & Bialys
Rosenthaler Straße 47, 10178 Berlin
completely smokefree
open 24h, always crowded, big variety of wraps and bagels

Balzac Coffee
Friedrichstraße 194-199, 10117 Berlin
completely smokefree
coffeehouse chain, this store has short opening times which is no wonder looking at Friedrichstraße at later times

Balzac Coffee
Karl-Liebknecht Straße 5, 10178 Berlin
completely smokefree
coffeehouse chain, at the entrance to the Dom Aquaree, a businesshouse/hotel/Aquarium combination

Sophienstraße 21, 10178 Berlin
completely smokefree
Deli and Cafe, selfmade original american cakes, bagels, soups, hot meals, spacious, pretty much hidden in a courtyard, you can not reserve a table at the weekend although due to the big crowds then it would actually be necessary

Charlottenstr. 63, 10117 Berlin
soup bar, big variety, often non-standard, interesting soups

Cafe Galao
Weinbergsweg 8, 10119 Berlin
completely smokefree
small Cafe offering croissants, tortillas, toasts and various drinks

Cafe Napoljanska
Kastanienallee 43, 10119 Berlin
everything is selfmade here, nice tarts and icecream, you might not have a lot of space for yourself since the tables are not far from each other and it is often very crowded.

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 7, 10178 Berlin
completely smokefree
delicious californian style burritos and soups simple but nicely decorated, one of most original and best places to enjoy a smokefree meal, see also blog entry (in German)

Falafel Dada
Linienstraße 132, 10115 Berlin
completely smokefree
small store but excellent falafels

Galerie Lafayette
Friedrichstraße 76 – 78, 10117 Berlin
completely smokefree
food court with diverse french food

Good Pasta
Reinhardtstraße 11, 10117 Berlin
competely smokefree
variation of freshly made pasta and sauces

Häagen Dazs
Hackescher Markt, Neue Promenade 3,10178 Berlin
completely smokefree
spacious cafe offering delicious ice cream, went smokefree a short while ago, this bustling square with a lot of restaurants at it needed a smokefree place since all the other restaurants here are not smokefree

Potsdamer Platz 8, 10785 Berlin
completely smokefree
delicious pralines, waffles and icecream

Henriette-Herz-Platz 2, 10178 Berlin
completely smokefree
Pizza delivery service that has a some tables and stools, open long

Kronenstraße 55 – 58, 10117 Berlin
big non-smoking section
italian food, this was one of the first restaurants of it’s kind where you have an open kitchen, you get a card, go to the kitchen counter, order the noodle sort that you want and the sauce you want – or the pizza – you wait and can actually watch how your food is being prepared

Leo Bettini
Mulackstraße 33, 10119 Berlin
completely smokefree
selfmade pasta and delicious various dumplings

Unter den Linden 36 – 38, 10117 Berlin
big non-smoking section
argentinian steak house offering vegetarian food also, good salad bar, sadly situated in the smoking zone though

Charlottenstraße 79/80, 10117 Berlin
completely smokefree
small store, south german filled pasta squares, vegetarian variations available

MC Donald’s / MC Café
Europaplatz 1 (Berlin central train station)
10557 Berlin
completely smokefree
23 h open, delicious coffee creations and cakes, see blog entry

Sophienstraße 19, 10178 Berlin
completely smokefree

south german cuisine

Moreno Carusi
Leipziger Platz 15, 10117 Berlin
completely smokefree
original italian cuisine

Auguststr. 58, 10119 Berlin
completely smokefree
asian health fast food, shows which is being prepared in front of your eyes, vegetarian food too

Wilhelmstraße 77, 10177 Berlin
big non- smoking room separated from the smoking room
superb vietnamese vegetarian restaurant, you might not know some of the vegetables that are listed in the menue, but the staff is very friendly and helpful, so they will explain them to you and give you tips also, see blog entry (in German)

Schlotzky’s Deli
Friedrichstraße 200, 10117 Berlin
non-smoking section
delicious american sandwiches and pizzas, smoke could come over from the smoking zone

Splendid Delikatessen
Dorotheenstraße 37 , 10117 Berlin
completely smokefree
small and fancy store with a lot of organic food plus Bistro

Starbucks Coffee
Rosenthaler Straße 40, 10178 Berlin
completely smokefree
very spacious, 2 level store, the longest opening times of all Starbuck Cafes in Berlin, on the upper level you have an excellent view over Hackescher Markt, see also blog entry (in German)

Starbucks Coffee
Friedrichstraße 61, 10117 Berlin
completely smokefree
near the trainstation “Friedrichstrasse”

Starbucks Coffee
Friedrichstraße 96, 10117 Berlin
completly smokefree
in the business area of east-downtown

Starbucks Coffee
Pariser Platz 1a, 10117 Berlin
completly smokefree
with a view of the Brandenburg Gate, looking at the big crowds of tourists at Pariser Platz this store could be open much longer

Friedrichstraße 90, 10117 Berlin
competely smokefree
big variety of freshmade soups, vegetarian and vegan soups available, very friendly staff

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 17, 10178 Berlin
completely smokefree
Japanese Noodle Bar, interesting design, long opening times, see also blog entry (in German)

The Coffee House,
Hausvogteiplatz 11, 10117 Berlin
completely smokefree
coffeehouse chain, small store

The Corner Berlin
Französische Straße 40, 10117 Berlin
completely smokefree
combination of a store and big restaurant, upscale cuisine

(district including galleries, specialty stores, many restaurants and bars)

Arom di Sushi
Dietzgenstraße 43, 13125 Berlin
completely smokefree
Thaifood and Sushi, every meal can be ordered as a vegetarian dish also

Balzac Coffee
Schönhauser Allee 116, 10439 Berlin
completely smokefree
coffeehouse chain, compared to many other Balzac stores this has pretty extensive opening times

Schönhauser Allee 127 a, 10437 Berlin
completely smokefree
coffee, snacks, cakes in a flower shop

Cafe-Bar Manolo
Schönhauser Allee 45, 10435 Berlin
coffee, cakes, small non smoking section, the smoke comes over from the smoking zone

Cafe-Bar Mia
Pappelallee 58, 10437 Berlin
Sandwiches, soups, salads and cocktails in a nicely designed cafe-bar. To my knowledge the only smokefree place in Berlin where you can drink a cocktail. Child-friendly being visited by a lot of parents with their kids who can play with toys
completely smokefree, see also blog entry (in German)

Cafe Paula
Florastraße 14, 13187 Berlin
completely smokefree
selfmade organic cakes, croissants, toasts and bagels, small cafe visited by a lot of families with their children, see also blog entry (in German)

Cupcake Bakery
Zionskirchstraße 36, 10119 Berlin
completely smokefree
lots of different cupcakes, scones, sandwiches, English tea, soups etc. Very cozy café, see also blog entry.

Dodoos Palatschinken-Bar
Schönhauser Allee 155, 10435 Berlin
completely smokefree
Austrian, filled pancakes in many variations.

Max-Beer-Str. 56, 10119 Berlin
completely smokefree
cocktail bar, big variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, Live DJs, extensive opening times, see also blog entry.

Rykestraße 48, 10405 Berlin
big non-smoking zone
belgian fries, other deep fried food also, lots of selfmade sauces, the small smoking zone is directly at the counter by the entrance

Focaccia King
Danziger Straße 25, 10435 Berlin
competely smokefree
Little focacceria. In difference to other focaccia breads I noticed that the prepared pieces were not reheated but actually were baked freshly

Fräulein Smillas
Pappelallee 63, 10437 Berlin
completely smokefree
Small cafe and reading salon

Hans Wurst
Dunckerstraße 2a, 10437 Berlin
completely smokefree
vegan, organic cafè and restaurant, very nice place to go out to. Offers cultural events like readings, concerts, theater and exhibitions too.

L’Isola Verde
Choriner Straße 45, 10435 Berlin
completely smokefree
vegetarian and vegan food, coffee, organic food

Maja’s Deli
Pappelallee 11, 10437 Berlin
completely smokefree
fresh soups, sandwiches and cakes, vegetarian and vegan food available, friendly staff, see also blog entry (in German)

Kopenhagener Straße 14, 10437 Berlin
completely smokefree
japanese and korean kitchen

Breite Straße 22, 13187 Berlin
completely smokefree
near Rathaus, fresh sandwiches, not every Subway is smokefree or offers a non-smoking zone, this here though is completely smokefree

Oderberger Str. 21, 10435 Berlin
completely smokefree
little, cosy noodle restaurants. You pick what you want from the fresh made noodles at the counter and they prepare them for you

Viv Lounge
Schönhauser Allee 10 – 11, 10119 Berlin
completely smokefree
offering organic coffee, cakes, snacks and soups

(district including bars, restaurants, interesting stores)

Rheingaustraße 1, 12161 Berlin
completely smokefree
Restaurant and Cafe with long opening times and an extensive menue and food from different countries

Goltzstraße 2, 10781 Berlin
completely smokefree
teahouse, recommendation by Bryah (see comment below)

(district including Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz)

Balzac Coffee
Potsdamer Platz 10, 10785 Berlin
completely smokefree
coffehouse chain, this store has the most extensive opening times of the chain

Meyerbeer Coffee
Eichhornstr. 1, 10785 Berlin
completely smokefree
coffeehouse chain, pretty short opening times

Potsdamer Platz 1, 10785 Berlin
non-smoking section
Argentinian steakhouse

Tony Romas
Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 3, 10785 Berlin
non-smoking zone
American restaurant close to the Berlin Casino

Starbucks Coffee
Alte Potsdamer Straße 7, 10785 Berlin
completely smokefree
coffee house chain

Potsdamer Platz 5, 10785 Berlin
big non-smoking section
fresh Italian noodles and pizzas, same system as the Lagano restaurant in Mitte

Weiland’s Wellfood
Marlene Dietrich Platz 1, 10785 Berlin
completely smokefree
Wok dishes, bagels and salads

updated 2005-11-14 added Pankow section, added Maja’s Deli
updated 2005-11-15 added Suppenbörse in Berlin-Mitte and in Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf
updated 2005-11-16 added All in One and Bagels & Bialys in Mitte
updated 2006-01-14 added Schöneberg section, added TeeTeaThé, added Subway in Pankow
updated 2006-01-31 added Cafe-Bar Mia in Pankow
updated 2006-02-20 removed Pommy & Friends in Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf, does not exist there anymore
updated 2006-02-27 added Bäcker Steinecke in Mitte, added link to Dolores in Mitte
updated 2006-03-06 added Cafe-Bar Manolo, L’Isola Verde in Pankow, added Leo Bettini, Milchhalle Berlin, The Corner Store in Mitte
updated 2006-03-09 added links to the districts
updated 2006-04-05 added Barcomi’s in Mitte
updated 2006-05-12 added Viv Lounge in Pankow
updated 2006-06-02 added MC Donald’s / MC Café in Mitte
updated 2006-07-24 added Good Pasta in Mitte
updated 2006-10-04 added Cafe Paula in Pankow, added Splendid Delikatessen in Mitte, Vapiano in Tiergarten
updated 2006-10-07 added Susuru in Mitte
updated 2006-10-23 added Cafe Galao and Joey’s in Mitte, added Barcomi’s in Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg
updated 2006-11-02 added Familienwirtschaft in Steglitz/Zehlendorf and Falafel Dada in Mitte
updated 2006-11-05 added Fräulein Smillas and Fettnapf in Pankow
updated 2006-12-13 added Weiland’s Wellfood in Tiergarten, Pastakontor in Mitte
updated 2007-04-01 added Balzac Coffee in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Mitte, Tiergarten and Pankow, added Swingdiele in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, added The Coffee House in Mitte, added Arom di Sushi in Pankow, added Häagen Dazs in Mitte
updated 2007-04-07 added Moreno Carusi in Mitte
updated 2007-05-20 added Omoni and Blumencafe in Pankow
updated 2007-05-30 added Satyam in Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf and Backhaus Liberda in Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg
updated 2007-06-05 added map links and some longer descriptions
updated 2007-07-20 added Cupcake in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Icexoc in Mitte
updated 2007-08-01 added Kaffeeladen in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
updated 2007-08-13 added Sesam in Friedrichshaim-Kreuzberg, Cadadia and Cafe Napoljanska in Mitte
updated 2007-09-27 added Hans Wurst in Pankow
updated 2007-10-25 added Cupcake Bakery, Erdbeer-Bar and Focaccia King in Pankow
updated 2007-11-14 added Teigwaren and Dodoo’s Palatschinken-Bar in Pankow, removed Pastakontor in Mitte

42 thoughts on “Non-smoking restaurants in Berlin

  1. On a trip to New York I found the smoke-free bars, pubs and music venues wonderful.

    I do have a problem with that list of yours though: just because I don’t like other people’s smoke, it doesn’t mean I like Starbuck’s (or similar coffee chains). Please!

  2. Hallo Dietmar,

    Gratulation für die erste und schnell erstellte Übersicht sowie die Verlinkungen. Da werde ich auch noch ein wenig tiefer einsteigen…

    Andreas Schmidt

  3. >I do have a problem with that list of yours though: just because I
    >don’t like other people’s smoke, it doesn’t mean I like Starbuck’s (or
    > similar coffee chains). Please!

    Well, it is a fact that it is a non-smoking cafe chain and as far as I know it is the only one of that kind here in Germany – sadly. So, that is why it is in this list.
    And beside this fact I really like the stuff that they have. It might be a little bit expensive but for instance their cakes are way much better in my view than most of the “boring” things that german bakery chains offer.

  4. “[Starbucks’ cakes are way much better in my view than most of the “boring” things that german bakery chains offer.”

    When there are still so many *real* bakeries in Berlin, I have no idea why anyone who cares about the subject would even consider buying anything – bread, cakes, whatever – from any ‘bakery chain’, German or not.

    Kamps=Tankstellen’bäckerei’ mit blöde Brotnamen.

    Perhaps I’ll research some real bakeries to help you out and put a list on my blog!

  5. >Perhaps I’ll research some real bakeries to help you out and put a

    Fine with me if they have the special nice tasting american style pastries like brownies, Raspberry Cheesecake etc.
    But this whole Starbucks-topic is anyways something that is a question of taste. I like to go there, you might not, so what? ;)
    Looking at how crowded it is by them there is obviously a market for Starbucks here in Germany.

  6. Hallo , KLASSE! Ich lebe in Berlin, dachte immer dass hier ist RAUCHER STADT; und wusste gar nicht dass es inzwischen schon MEHRERE NR lokale gibt!

    Obwohl ich ja der Meinung bin, es sollten ALLE bars/restaurants/kneipen Rauchfrei sein…..

    viele Grüße


  7. >Gibt es auch gelistete NR-Restaurants/Cafe`s usw. in Hamburg??

    Tja, ich bin aus Berlin, daher nicht von mir. Aber auf der Seite des dortigen Nichtraucherbundes, siehe
    gibt es eine Auswahl von Restaurants.

  8. I also compiled a list of restaurants in Berlin, which have at least some non-smoker zone. I don’t put places we haven’t tried, which is why the list builds-up slowly; and I try not to put chain touristy restaurants (Maredos, Starbucks), only because I thought they were obvious (thanks for your comprehensive list, though). God bless every restaurant here in Berlin that has a non-smoker policy. It is hell to get out in the winter otherwise. In any case, here is my list:

  9. Is this all there is? I can’t believe it, ich lebe in einer Stadt mit 4 Millionen Menschen – und das ist alles? GOOD GRIEF! This gives my country a bad reputation, completely backwards – middle ages !!!

    In this country, everything is modern, shiny and perfectly organised, and what about nonsmoker’s protection from poisenous
    cancer-gases? NOTHING.

    Germany, smoker’s paradise……wie lange noch, VERDAMMT ?! This is really sad !!!

    Mind you, thanks to you guys for listing those (few) nonsmoker’s places…. i had to vent my anger somewhere, about our backwards policy in this country

  10. >Is this all there is?

    Well, two things need to be mentioned: First of all these are the places that I visited and checked myself. I don’t think though, that there are many more than the ones I listed. Of course one or the other little fast food restaurant will have no ash trays on their tables and some of the more luxurious hotels will offer a non smoking section in their restaurant but that is probably it.
    The second thing is, that I only listed restaurants from the more central parts or districts of the city so far. But here too: I don’t think that there are that many in the other parts of the city.

    >Germany, smoker’s paradise

    I think smoking is not such a big problem in our country than the false tolerance of non-smoking people towards it – or towards the passive smoking. If more and more people would not accept sitting in a smoked up restaurant and they would either leave or not even enter it (letting the owner know that is necessary) I think many restaurants would change their position and they would start creating non-smoking zones.

  11. “>Is this all there is?” – ist das alles”

    Hi, no need to tell me all this, i knew it. My question wass was meant ironically…..

    Weil es doch eine Schande ist, dass wir in einer 4-Millionen Stadt mit tausenden von Restaurants, Bars, Kneipen, Gaststätten grade mal 10 davon haben, die rauchfrei sind. Eigentlich kann man das gar nicht glauben.

    Ich stimme dir nicht so ganz zu, wenn Rauchen nicht so ein grosses Problem sein sollte. Aber selbstverständlich ist es das, Rauchen ist ein sozial nicht adäquater Akt, weil es immer Mitmenschen schädigt. Rauchen , ohne seine Mitmenschen zum Mitrauchen zu zwingen, ist in einer Stadt oder in einem dichbesiedelten Land wie Deutschland praktisch unmöglich.

    Du hast aber natürlich Recht, dass die “Falsche Toleranz” des tödlichen und giftigen Tabakrauchs ein genau so großes Problem ist wie der Tabakrauch selbst. Die Leute sind uninformiert; sie glauben es sei “nicht so gesund”, aber wenn sie wüssten dass diese niedliche Formulierung darüber hinwegtäuscht, dass jedes Jahr 200 000 Nichtraucher weltweit von Rauchern getötet werden, dann würde sich vermutlich schneller was ändern.

    Raucherzonen sind übrigens keine Lösung; mir ist zwar eine Raucherzone lieber als gar nichts, aber das kann bestenfalls als
    Provisorium dienen, als Zwischenlösung. Im Karstadt Wilmersdorfer Strasse ist z.B. solch eine Raucherzonenlösung, aber der Rauch kommt natürlich auch dort hin. Rauch hält sich nicht an aufgemalte Linien, die Lösung kann nur heisssen:
    00 % Rauchfrei. Aber auf eine vorbildliche Lösung wie Italien oder Irland oder New York, müssen wir in diesem rückständigen Land leider noch lange warten….


  12. Hello,
    i got another hint to an nice and smokefree Café.

    Nahe U-Bahn Eisennacherstr.

    It is very nice and comfortable there.


  13. Great job! Im allergic to smoke, so i suffer a lot when going out to eat.
    Will add a link to your website.
    Thanks a lot!!! :-)

  14. I’m allergic to smoke, too!!!!
    I’m absolutely supporting your project.

    A nice Sushi-Restaurant at Schönhauser Allee, vice versa the Cinemax, is also completely smokefree (well, at least when I was there, there was no one smoking, it did not smell like someone had smoked and there were no ashtrays or signs of ashtrays)
    Kumo-Sushi, Gleimstr. 27, 10437 Berlin

  15. So glad I found your site through google. Went out to dinner last night and of course, as is so often the case, the food, atmosphere and service were just fine, but we’re tired of having to put up with sore eyes and smelly clothes. I will try some of the places on your list and hopefully one day smoke-free dining won’t be such a luxury.

  16. Hallo,

    und wunderbar – ich wollte schon selbst eine Seite zum Thema Nichraucher-Gastronomie einrichten – jetzt habe ich diese Liste entdeckt -> Danke!

    Ich habe noch ein zwei Adressen in Mitte:

    Milchhalle, Auguststraße 58, Berlin – Mitte
    sun closed
    mon – fri 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
    sat 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
    fon. 0049. (0)30. 40055960
    completely smokefree

    Leo Bettini
    Mulackstraße 33, Berlin – Mitte
    sun closed
    mon – fri 10.00 am – 6.30 pm
    sat 12.00 am – 4.00 pm
    fon. 0049. (0)30. 60507449
    completely smokefree

    und eine im Prenzlauer Berg

    Oderberger Straße 23,Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg
    mon closed
    tue – sun 3.00 pm – 11.30 pm
    fon. 0049. (0)30. 49853130
    hier darf im Sitzbereich nicht geraucht werden (aber an einem Tresen zwischen Eingang und Küche – warum auch immer)

  17. just what i had been looking for, thank you for compiling the list. please continue your efforts to expand it, i am sure it would be appreciated.

  18. Hallo Georg!

    >und wunderbar – ich wollte schon selbst eine Seite zum Thema
    >Nichraucher-Gastronomie einrichten – jetzt habe ich diese Liste
    > entdeckt -> Danke!

    Der Dank geht zurück an Dich für die gemeldeten Adressen. Ich werde dort mal vorbeischauen und sie dann in die Liste aufnehmen.

  19. Wir waren letztes Jahr für ein paar Tage in Berlin.
    Es wird definitiv das letzte Mal sein. Rauchfreie Restaurants oder Aehnliches sucht man wie die Nadel im Heuhaufen. Sogar beim Kaffee im Starbucks latschen Leute mit der Zigarette rein.
    Dann, das ist mir besonders aufgefallen, darf man dort sogar im Mc Donalds rauchen (unterste Etage). Ich traute meinen Augen nicht. Aber natürlich, wie will man die Kid’s denn sonst schon auf den coolen Raucher-Lebensstil einschwören?
    Die armen Raucher, die ja sonst nirgendwo paffen dürfen. Wie kommen wir auch dazu, ihnen das Rauchen auf ein paar Quadratmetern verbieten zu wollen? Schon die Starbucks Rip-off’s zeigen deutlich, wie es um das Nichtrauchen in Deutschland bestellt ist. Alles genau wie im Starbucks, doch rauchen darf man natürlich. Was für ein Armutszeugnis.
    Wenigstens die Feinschmeckeretage im KDW war ein Lichtblick. Wir haben uns dann gezwungenermassen auch nur dort verköstigt. Schon lange haben wir aufgehört, Restaurants zu unterstützen, die nicht getrennte Nichtraucherräume anbieten. Diese Konsequenz leisten wir uns.
    Entschuldigt, wenn ich zur Sicherheit nachfrage:
    Berlin ist, bzw wäre gerne
    a) Eine Weltstadt
    b) Die Hauptstadt von Deutschland
    Ich lebe je definitiv in der Provinz , aber sogar hier findet man leichter Nichtraucherplätze in Restaurants als in ganz Berlin. Und es werden glücklicherweise ständig mehr.
    Mein Fazit: Wer Berlin mag, dem sei es gegönnt.
    Mir ist es in dieser Hinsicht viel hinterwäldlerisch.

  20. >Sogar beim Kaffee im Starbucks latschen Leute mit der Zigarette

    Habe ich ehrlich gesagt noch nie gesehen und bei allen (zahlreichen) Besuchen bei Starbucks habe ich nur ein einziges Mal gesehen, dass jemand anfing zu rauchen, diese ist aber kurz darauf von einer Bediensteten auf das komplette Rauchverbot hingewiesen worden und hat aufgehört.

    >aber sogar hier findet man leichter Nichtraucherplätze in
    >Restaurants als in ganz Berlin.

    Ich komme selber aus der “Provinz” und kenne auch viele anderen “Provinzen” und ich kann nur aus meiner eigenen Erfahrung sagen, dass dort die Zahl der Nichtraucher-Restaurants fast überall gegen 0 tendiert. Denn dort gibt es ja noch nicht mal ein Starbucks oder größere Kettenrestaurants wie Mövenpick und co. die sonst Nichtraucherplätze anbieten. Insofern mag Berlin sicherlich bei weitem zu wenig rauchfreie Gastronomie anbieten, aber ich kann mir absoulut nicht vorstellen, dass das in der Provinz besser ist.

  21. Sorry, hätte erwähnen sollen, dass ich aus der Schweiz komme. Insofern hinkt auch der McDonalds Verweis ein wenig,
    musste ich mich doch belehren lassen, dass es scheinbar gar nicht selbstverständlich ist, dass die ganz rauchfrei sind.
    Bei uns in der Umgebung ist das so… Also Asche auf mein Haupt (passt ohnehin grad zum Fasching).
    Wie gesagt, eigentlich habe ich immer gedacht, dass wir in Sachen Nichtraucherschutz wohl am Weitesten in Verzug sind, doch wurde ich durch Kurztripps nach Berlin und München (ein einziger Nichtrauchertisch, an dem auch noch Raucher am Paffen sind) eines Besseren belehrt. Mir hätte ja schon genügt, wenn es da mehr Starbucks gegeben hätte, aber zwei in ganz Berlin scheint mir etwas wenig. Das war in solchen Städten immer so eine Art Rückzugsgebiet, wo man sich ohne Rauch mal einen Kaffee gönnen konnte. Umso mehr nerven mich die Starbucks Rip-Offs. Aber eben: Es gibt noch viel zu tun etc. etc. Wenigstens bewegt sich was, man ist ja als Nichtraucher schon froh, wenn man das sagen kann….

  22. >Sorry, hätte erwähnen sollen, dass ich aus der Schweiz

    Ja, das wäre sinnvoll gewesen ;) Denn in Deutschland gibt es in den mehr ländlichen Gebieten mit ziemlicher Sicherheit nicht mehr nichtraucherfreundliche Gastronomie, in vielen anderen Ländern Europas ist das viel besser, stimmt.

    >Mir hätte ja schon genügt, wenn es da mehr Starbucks
    > gegeben hätte, aber zwei in ganz Berlin scheint mir etwas

    Starbucks hat erst vor einiger Zeit angefangen, Filialen in Deutschland zu eröffnen. Mittlerweile gibt es in Berlin schon 7 davon. Ansonsten kann ich nur auf meine Liste verweisen. Erst gestern habe ich 5 gastronomische Einrichtungen addiert. Davon sind 4 komplett rauchfrei. Es wird also so langsam, sehr langsam besser hier.

  23. Hallo,

    ich kann all die Pessimisten gut verstehen – aber selbst in Berlin bessert sich die Lage:

    zwei weitere Kandidaten in Mitte:

    Grashopper Berlin
    Oranienburger Strasse 1-3
    10178 Berlin
    Tel. 030.25 76 22 60
    Fax 030.25 76 22 61
    completely smokefree

    und die wirkliche Überraschung: ab 1.April soll das Barcomis in den Sophie-Gips-Höfen rauchfrei werden (ich hoffe das ist kein Aprilscherz gewesen). Ich bin noch nicht dazu gekommen, nachzufragen ob das wirklich stimmt aber wenn ja, wäre es wohl das erste Café in Berlin das von Raucher auf Nichtraucher umstellt.

    Barcomi’s Deli
    Sophienstraße 21
    D-10178 Berlin
    Mo. – Sa. 09.00 – 22.00 Uhr
    So. & Feiertage 10.00 – 22.00 Uhr
    Tel +49 (0) 30 / 285 983 63
    Fax +49 (0) 30 / 285 983 64
    completely smokefree (ab 1. April)

  24. Tja, damals gab es diese Seite hier leider noch nicht.
    Ich habe mich wirklich im Internet schlau gemacht, doch z.B Starbucks wurden in Berlin wirklich nur 2 gelistet.
    Also entweder ist deine Liste so gut (ich bin geneigt, diese Erklärung zu akzeptieren) oder aber es hat sich in den paar Monaten in Berlin massiv was getan.
    Wäre ja auch nicht schlecht…..
    Der langen Rede kurzer Sinn:
    Hätte es deine Seite damals schon gegeben, hätte ich mir viel Aerger erspart. Insofern mein Kompliment, auch wenn ich leider nicht mehr davon profitieren kann.
    Aber ich gönn’s ja jedem ; )

  25. Hallo, habe eure Seite gerade entdeckt
    Anscheinend geht es aufwrts mit unserer Stadt in punkto rauchfreie Gastro – wird auch Zeit.

    Auf der Barcomis Seite hab ich brigens gerade entdeckt, dass nicht nur das Barcomis in Mitte ab 1.4. rauchfrei wird, sondern dass das Barcomis in Kreuzberg bereits seit 1.1. 06 rauchfrei ist.
    Also wie wrs oben mit einem (dem ERSTEN!!) Eintrag fr Kreuzberg

    Barcomi’s Kaffeersterei

    Bergmannstrae 21
    D-10961 Berlin
    Mo. – Sa. 08.00 – 21.00 Uhr
    So. & Feiertage 09.00 – 21.00 Uhr

    +49 (0) 30 / 694 81 38

    +49 (0) 30 / 694 82 38

    Grsse Mica

  26. Hallo zusammen,
    hier ein kurzer Erfahrungsbericht der ersten rauchfreien Tage im Barcomis in Mitte.

    1. Es kamen Gäste extra deswegen zu uns bzw. wieder weil es ihnen vorher zu verqualmt war.
    2. Alle Mitarbeiter waren froh und glücklich endlich nicht mehr dem Rauch ausgesetzt sein zu müssen.
    3. Die meissten Raucher haben sich brav vor dem Cafe an unserem Standascher eingefunden, nur einige gingen aufgrund der Einschränkung woanders hin.
    4. Natürlich gab es die ein oder andere Diskussion, doch eigentlich merkt man in erster Linie den Frust der Gepeinigten als dass sie mit vernünftigen Gegenargumenten aufwarten könnten.
    5. Idioten gibt es immer und überall, auch dieser Tage bei uns.

    Viele Grüße aus Berlin Mitte

  27. schade, ich war immer so gern im Barcomi’s…
    ich finde Euren Kampf wirklich bemerkenswert, welche Energie ihr da aufbringt…mancher hat offensichtlich zu viel zeit…liebe Grüße auch in die schweiz!

  28. Hi,
    rauchfrei und ziemlich “gesund” bzgl. des Ess- und Getränkeangebotes ist auch das “Dörtebeckers” in der Veteranenstraße (ich glaub Nr. 27) in Mitte (Nähe U-Bhf. Rosenthaler Platz). Wird von Ben Beckers Frau geführt, es gibt auch ne kleine, ganz niedliche Kinderecke.

    Und dann gibt es in Charlottenburg noch das Charlottchen (Droysenstr. 1), das ist ein Restaurant-Café mit ganz viel Platz für Kinder (integrierter Kinderspielplatz drinnen), entsprechend voll, quirlig und laut ists da dann auch am Wochenende ;-) Wir meinen, es ist komplett rauchfrei, evtl. durfte man in einem der Räume (bei der Bar) rauchen, können uns aber nicht mehr genau erinnern (waren da vor ca. einem Jahr mal zum Sonntagsbrunch).

    So, und dann meinen wir, dass das Restaurant Majakowski (Majakowskiring, beim Schlosspark) in Pankow auch zumindest anteilig rauchfrei ist. Werden wir nächste Woche oder so mal überprüfen vermutlich ;-) )

    Viele Grüße und hoffentlich bald noch viiiiiel mehr Einträge in der Liste
    die Mausfamilie

  29. Es gibt einen Neuzugang in Mitte – das susuru, eine japanische Noodlebar in der Rosa-Luxenburg-Str. Das interessante: rauchfrei auch im Aussenbereich! Jetzt ist es fast 12:30 – ich geh gleich mal hin und schau mir das an :)

    Rosa-Luxenburg-Strasse 17
    10178 Berlin
    030 2111182
    Mo – Sa 8:00 – 24:00
    So 16:00 – 24:00

    completely smokefree (inside and outside!)

  30. Many thanks for the help in finding non-smoking restaurants in Berlin. I leave the U.S. tomorrow for my second 10-day visit to Berlin. On my first visit last year, It was very difficult and unpleasant at times to eat out where I was more often than not surrounded by awful clouds of smoke. I love Germany, but the smoking really bothers me. Even the “non-smoking sections” of many restaurants are smoky. I have a respiratory problem and am completely allergic to smoke, and I was astonished to find this in such a modern city. I hope to be able to add some helpful comments on my return!

  31. Zwei weitere Kandidaten – viele kleinen Cafés fangen an Nichtraucherbereiche einzuführen oder die Aschenbecher komplett vor die Tür zu kehren – im Galão haben sie die Spiegeltitel “Das Ende der Toleranz” an die Wände geklebt:

    Galão A Pastelaria
    Weinbergsweg 8
    10119 Berlin
    Tel: 030-44 04 68 82

    Mo-Fr: 07.30 – 23.00 Uhr
    Sa: 08.00 – 23.00 Uhr
    So: 09.00 – 23.00 Uhr

    Und auch die besten Fritten in Berlin kann man qualmfrei geniessen:

    Rykestr. 48
    10405 Berlin
    Tel: 030-321 24 64
    Email: info@fettnapf de

    11 – 24 Uhr

  32. Hello,
    thank you for sharing this list with us, we needed it badly.

    I have an idea and there are two things that convince me that this idea may work. Other visitors have expressed how hard it is to find this list and other similar ones. (There are other websites, but they are distracted by the need to convert the smokers as well and their list is less lovingly made and hidden under thousands of sub articles.) Additionally, restaurant and bar owners prefer to err on the side of caution and if their intuition tells them that some (all?) smokers will stop coming if they can’t smoke there anymore, then the owners will do nothing to rock the boat.

    Hence my idea, we should get the magazines like Tip and Zitty to for once devote their whole attention to the need of people who cannot abide smoke, and to do that without getting mired in the discussion of freedom and right and fanatism. Just this list like yours and short reports of their own test visits the way they do it for their special editions (breakfast places, cafes, cocktail bars, etc.) The places should be ranked based on their commitment to keep the smoke away from non smokers (just a half hearted invisible line of partition, or a separate room or a totally smokefree place?)

    I believe, like the success story of youtube, the key to a huge following is to make things easy. If it’s easy to find out where one can enjoy ones food free of smoke, there will be more people who visit the pioneer establishment listed here. And once the other establishment get wind of this, they will not hesitate anymore to accomodate our lifestyle.

    So, write your Tip / Zitty / Prinz editors today!

  33. My letter was published in last month’s Tip and in the newest Tip someone seconded me! Maybe it’s a sign that Tip is interested…

    Now onto more nonraucher places:
    Lina Krokant at Wilmersdorferstr 65 has 6 seats inside and 6 seats outside, looooong shelves full of chocolate and the best tasting caffe macchiato I’ve had in a while. The chocolate brittle from the counter is to die for.

    The Surfpoeten performs poetry slam every wednesday in the Mudd club and they have banned smoking entirely. A DJ plays music to dance to between performances and you may even bring your own beer!

    Oh, and I was at Susuru, the food’s delicious!!!

  34. Thank you for your efforts in putting together this comprehensive list. Although I have moved to New Zealand one year ago, I have emailed your site to all of my non-smoking friends in Berlin. Hopefully, we will soon be seeing a complete ban on in-door smoking in Germany. I am currently running two blogs for the non-smokers lobby Pro Rauchfrei e.V. that may be of interest to the people in this forum: and .

  35. Thank you for your efforts in putting together this comprehensive list. Although I have moved to New Zealand one year ago, I have emailed your site to all of my non-smoking friends in Berlin. Hopefully, we will soon be seeing a complete ban on in-door smoking in Germany. I am currently running two blogs for the non-smokers lobby Pro Rauchfrei e.V. that may be of interest to the people in this forum: a href=”” title=”Nicotine News” and a href=”” title=”Nikotin Nachrichten”.

  36. Thank you for your efforts in putting together this comprehensive list. Although I have moved to New Zealand one year ago, I have emailed your site to all of my non-smoking friends in Berlin. Hopefully, we will soon be seeing a complete ban on in-door smoking in Germany. I am currently running two blogs for the non-smokers lobby Pro Rauchfrei e.V. that may be of interest to the people in this forum: Nicotine News und
    Nikotin Nachrichten.

  37. Cooles angebot die seite!

    unsicht-Bar Berlin
    Gormannstr. 14
    10119 Berlin – Mitte
    Telefon: (+49) (0)30 243425-00
    Fax: (+49) (0)30 243425-01

    Stimmt es, dass bei Ihnen nicht geraucht wird?

    Stimmt! Durch die totale Dunkelheit sind die Pupillen so weit geöffnet und die Sehzellen so sensibilisiert, dass die Glut einer Zigarette ausreichen würde, den Raum zu beleuchten. Sie können aber im beleuchteten Vorraum rauchen und sich von Ihrem Kellner jederzeit zu einer Rauchpause dorthin führen lassen.

    nonsmoker bars in spain (english):

  38. Related to comments from <>

    I guess you mean “Restaurant Majakowski (Majakowskiring, beim Schlosspark) in Pankow” is free of “regular” smoke ;-) ) ….