the snow crisis

And then there are those people who were shaking their heads over backward USA everytime when the hurricanes came and many people were without power. How could this happen in a country that probably considers itself as the technical most advanced country in the world? Unbelievable!

Now, it might be correct that Germany’s powersystem is more advanced having the power lines underground in towns and cities and such power outages happen very seldom. But that they do happen shows a recent power outage caused by the onset of winter in the western parts of Germany. Hundred thousands of people were right away without power and not because of a hurricane but “just” because 50 centimers (about 19 inches) of snow that came down in a short amount of time. The weight of the snow caused big iron overland poles to crack.

And even worse – in this industrialized country it was not possible to repair things completely so far since the snow came down before the weekend. While many people have power again, others are waiting in this cold weather.

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