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While I’m at it and the nice weather won’t give up: A trip to the Spreewald. I don’t know why I haven’t been there earlier since this is one of the most visited recreation areas of the Berliners and it is close – at least that is what I thought. While the distance is only about 60 miles, it took me about 1.30 hours to leave Berlin plus another 1.20 hours. I could have taken my bike if I would have known that. The reason: I had to first make my way through almost the city crossing it from the far north to the south.


Luebbenau: Probably tourist destination no. 1 in the Spreewald (Spree = a river, wald = forest). It’s main attractions are the pickles being sold almost everwhere in this town, especially at a market close to the – and this is the next attraction – boat harbour. Imagine small woodboats like the ones in Venice, a canal system through a forest and lots of people taking a trip with these nicely decorated boats. I was tempted to go on a ride too but it was already pretty late and since I saw ashtrays on the tables in the boats I didn’t want to go because I did not want to be smoked in.

Luebbenau: canal with boat

Vetschau: This place is almost world-famous for it’s website about a storknest including a webcam that lets you watch the storks when they are there and raise their baby storks. The main church, the Doppelkirche, is a church that, as it’s name says is two churches in one serving in the german language and a minory that speaks wendisch.

Vetschau: Doppelchurch

Cottbus: Again a city I haven’t heard a lot about. Every year they show their carneval parade on tv and somehow the cameras don’t show much of the city. It turned out to be a very nice looking place with a market square (I really enjoy staying at the central market squares of old cities), nice churches and a very neat looking theater (lots of statues on it). Every sign in Cottbus, no matter if street signs or signs at buildings were in german and the sorbish language. The Sorbs are a minority living in this area, their language is pretty similar to polish – no wonder since Poland is right around the corner.
Cottbus: theater

Luebben: Yepp, a similar name to Luebbenau, right? Seems to be a concurrent to Luebbenau not only namewise but it has some canals too that are for instance being used by tourist boats. Interesting other sights are the remains of the city wall and the castle.

Luebben: seats at the market square
Luckau: The signs at the highways that advertise for interesting buildings or towns coming up are not only existing in Germany I guess. So, I followed one saying, that I am about to see a historical downtown area in Luckau. Since it was pretty late already I just stayed for short while but they can let that sign stay. It is indeed a nice looking place downtown.

Luckau: city hall

More photos of all described destinations can be found – as usual – in my album.

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