the impossible becomes reality – a smokefree bar in Berlin

When I visited the Cupcake Bakery in Prenzlauer Berg and mentioned that I am always searching for smokefree places in Berlin, a friendly worker there told me about a smokefree bar called “Erdbeer-Bar”.

Say what? “Smokefree” and “bar” – I never heard these words in combination here in Berlin although I heard about a smokefree pub in Wei├čensee. So I had to check for myself if that was true. Upon arrival at the Erdbeer-Bar which is situated near the Volksb├╝hne at the corner of Max-Beer-Str. and Linienstr. I saw a man standing outside lighting up his cigarette. Actually a good sign cause somehow it told me that he did this here and not inside for a reason. And indeed, entering the bar there were a lot of people enjoying the music played by a live DJ and drinking their cocktails but nobody smoked. While the worn down furniture was something I had to get used to I really liked the big variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as the size of the cocktails that you can get there. Not forgetting the fact that this bar is open until the early morning. So,if you want to sit somewhere smokefree late at night, this place is definetely recommendable.

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