Skipping the Museum Night

I used to be a frequent traveller through the nightly Berlin whenever the Long Night of Museums was happening in this town. In summer and in winter. Now, as the winter edition of this event is happening I’m gonna skip it again. The reason is simple: They reduced the event in winter in the way that instead of around 100 museums taking part only 50 museums will be open in the late evening. This is ok, but what is not acceptable is that not only that the organisers raised the entrance fee from 12 euros to about 15 euros if you decide to get a ticket on the same day of the event but that they charge the same price for this “mini”-night of the museum as for the big one in summer. If I buy a noodle bag at the grocery store and I don’t get 1 kilo but only¬† a1 pound bag they won’t charge the same price. So, by skipping this event I’d rather concentrate on a few exhibitions going on visiting them¬† whenever I want.

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