Just purchased

At the moment Audiojelly is giving away 50 selected tracks for free if you purchase tracks worth at least 5 euros. Since some tunes were anyways already in the waiting line to be bought by me, I used this offer. So, these are the fresh new trance anthems that I got. Quite an international mix:

From Great Britain – Temple One: Sahara Nights (Original Mix). This was finally a success for Joe at Trance Around the World since it became the webvote winner and being even played again a few times after that.

From The Netherlands – RAM: Ramsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Mix). The track was in Audiojelly’s charts for a long time. Fantastic break.

From the USA – Redstar – Stronger than time (Intro Mix). A little bit older track from Redstar. I got notice of it when they played it at Trance.FM

From Romania – Anhken & Adrian: Intuition (Sunny Lax Remix). I admit I didn’t really like the newer productions of Hungarian trance artist Sunny Lax. He changed his style quite a bit. This here is a very good remix though.

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