Best food and drinks in Berlin

Looking back there were a lot of posts in my blog about restaurants and cafés in the recent past. So, time to sit down and write a short little list of the best food and drink places in Berlin that I visited so far. This list is purely biased of course, created by a vegetarian and subject to change from time to time as soon as I find an even better place in a category:

Best vegetarian restaurant: Samadhi

Best cafè: Café & Bar Hilde

Best cakes: Tortenwerkstatt (Sredzkistraße 63, 10405 Berlin), Café Frau Paul (Hans-Otto-Str. 6, 10407 Berlin)

Best burgers and fries: Yellow Sunshine

Best sandwiches: Luigi Zuckermann Traditional Gourmet Deli

Best juices: Eve & Adams

Best noodles: Spreegold (Hufelandstr. 20, 10407 Berlin)

Best american pizza: Fatass Pizza

Best italian pizza: Pizza Nostra (Lychener Str. 2 – 4, 10437 Berlin)

Best burritos: Dolores

Best falafel: El rief (Schönhauser Allee 47, 10437 Berlin)

Best crêpes: Crêperie Bretonne

Best bagels: Bagels & Bialys (Rosenthaler Str. 46 – 48, 10178 Berlin)

Best soups: Suppen Cult

Best hot dogs: Hot Dog World (Kastanienallee 102, 10435 Berlin)

Best ice cream parlor: Häagen Dasz

Park pleasures

I am wondering where all these people were during fall or winter? As a regular visitor to the Volkspark Friedrichshain here in Berlin I very often noticed a vast emptiness during the cold weather period. Apparently all these people were just sitting at home in front of the TV or computer while just a few joggers or skaters were consistently doing something for their fitness and enjoyed the park which actually has always something to offer.

My favorite sandwich in Prenzlauer Berg

The best sandwich I had so far in Berlin I ate at Cafè Olinda. Since we moved to Prenzlauer Berg we have visited various cafès and restaurants in this part of town. Many places offer a piece of lettuce and cheese in between some bought toast bread as a sandwich. But the sandwich at Cafè Olinda (Immanualkirchstr. 6), named “Portugiesisches Croissant”  was just loaded with various ingredients.  My avocado sandwich came as a fluffy but crisp and big, unusually shaped Croissant filled with rucola salad, red peppers, jalapeños, cream cheese, dried tomatoes and of course avocado pieces. Very delicious and a good mixture.