The sledding pool

Snow finally arrived in Berlin. And I am talking about a mentionable amount and not about the few flakes that melted at the ground before.The effect was that a giant group of families with kids used the opportunity took the sleds or everything that could be used as one out of the basement and went to the Volkspark Friedrichshain. Walking by I noticed a constant yelling and cheering similiar to the noise level that you have at public outdoor pools. It seems that for kids when it snows sledding is the equivalent fun to swimming. And even when it got really really cold in the evening, the sportive event went on at the hill in the park after dark. Probably anyways a good tip if you don’t wanna have it too crowded assuming though, that your eyes work perfectly.

Sunbathing in the frozen park

Before a big part of the Berlin population moved out to party on the streets and burn off a giant amount of fireworks we used the nice but cold weather to take an extended walk in the nearby Volkspark Friedrichshain, sunbath included. Here are some photos:

Berlin in grey

While Berlin is certainly a very interesting city when it comes to it’s cultural, culinary or sportive offers the weather here at the moment is simply boring. Every day the same tristesse: Greyness, overcast, temperatures hardly above the freezing point and, occasionally, a very strong icy wind kicking in from the east. Oh – and it drizzles very often. No snow of course, that happens in practically every other part of Germany but not here.