Gigantic entertainment

Big finale at the Berlinale. I already got tickets for the competition movie “Gigante” before the first good reviews came out and  before it won the special “Grand prize of the jury” at the awards ceremony yesterday. It is a very good, funny and unusual as well as intelligent movie about a security guard at a supermarket watching and falling in love with a woman from the cleaning staff. Unusual because a lot of things happening in the movie are presented in the view that the main actor watches them occur – on the monitor of the security camera screen and unusual too due to its sparse dialogue but witty situations that do not need  long explanations or a lot of talking.

After the movie, director Adrian Beniez as well as main actors Horacio Camandule and actress Leonor Svarcas were ready to answer questions of the audience. Due to the fact that the present Berlinale person was not able to translate english -> spanish -> german or vice versa  Leonor Svarcas had to jump in,  Horicio Camandule was not really able to answer anything anymore since he obviously had some big celebrations going on after the award ceremony.

This movie fulfilled my expectations completely.

It actually got loud

European premiere of the documentation “It might get loud” at the Berlinale. After a short introduction by director Davis Guggenheim and The Edge, guitarist of U2, we watch a journey through the history of electronic guitar music looking at the works of three famous and influential guitarists: Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), The Edge (U2) and Jack White (The White Stripes).  They meet for an exchange of thoughts about their play and their influences. Old footage of their early works in former groups is shown, the audience laughs. The musicians show us their important places where music was produced. Animations follow, a lot of excerpts from live concerts and – you probably saw it coming – a jamming session of the guitarists. While the sound technician at the Friedrichstadtpalast probably thought a movie with such a title has to be played really loud everything else about the movie is likable, it is funny, entertaining, gives a deep insight into the question why these people became musicians and guitarists especially and there is a lot of  good music being played in the movie. So, go and see it.

Skipping the Museum Night

I used to be a frequent traveller through the nightly Berlin whenever the Long Night of Museums was happening in this town. In summer and in winter. Now, as the winter edition of this event is happening I’m gonna skip it again. The reason is simple: They reduced the event in winter in the way that instead of around 100 museums taking part only 50 museums will be open in the late evening. This is ok, but what is not acceptable is that not only that the organisers raised the entrance fee from 12 euros to about 15 euros if you decide to get a ticket on the same day of the event but that they charge the same price for this “mini”-night of the museum as for the big one in summer. If I buy a noodle bag at the grocery store and I don’t get 1 kilo but only  a1 pound bag they won’t charge the same price. So, by skipping this event I’d rather concentrate on a few exhibitions going on visiting them  whenever I want.