08: Favorite movies

There is an international ensemble of movies when looking at my favorite movies of 08.  Movies from France, USA, Germany, Denmark and the Czech Republic. I should explain that I watched them in 08 but many of them were already released before. That is because my main media to watch movies is the DVD. If I am really interested in watching a movie I like having all the little other features like commentary etc about it as well and I guess some of the movies really should be watched on the big screen, some of them are ok on the tv screen as well. So, here they are, my favorite movies, in no particular order:

Odette Toulemonde

The Dark Knight

The Darjeeling Limited


Iron Man

Bee movie

La mome

Vratne Lahve

Voksne mennesker


Community rescues piece of art

Has the expression of an opinion or wish that a community or neighborhood articulates any effect? It certainly does like a nice example showed that just recently happened in the Bötzow quarter here in Berlin. An artist group turned one piece of a pole construction dividing walkway and street into a horse jumping barrier. The whole thing looked unusual but very nice as well. Not much later vandalism took its course and one part of the wooden barrier was broken down.

Broken down "horse jump barrier" at Hufelandstraße

The neighborhood, obviously already pretty much used to the nice view of the piece of art before did not want to accept this. A note appeared on the barrier asking the artists nicely to please repair this art piece and a lot of people signed it.

Note on broken down barrier

Note on broken down barrier

So, the artists came back, fixed the barrier and even improved the piece of art by spraying some horsefeet prints onto the ground.

Fixed up "horse jump barrier" at Hufelandstraße

Fixed up "horse jump barrier" at Hufelandstraße

short career

There is a big media hype around “Second Life” at the moment. It seems that this simulation/roleplay/chat system is so interesting that almost every big magazine and tv station reports about it. Now, for ages, whenever I liked to chat with people I used IRC and I am quiet satisfied with what it offers. And I am not so much into those avatar thingies too so I didn’t really care about “Second Life” as much as I ignore Myspace and other new “toys” of the internet too. Since a big German magazine “Der Spiegel” had “Second Life” on its title page including a big report I thought I finally might try this program out too. So, I signed up, picked my avatar – some kind of reggae dude – and started the program. This is what it said:

- Outdated chip set

- Not supported graphic card

- Why on earth do you think that your stoneold computer can be used for this?

At least that is what the conclusion of it all was.

Then came a question like “Ok, we all know this won’t work but you might try and start the program anyways, expect a crash of your system or very slow moving around”. It turned out that I got a glimpse of the reggae dude standing there with the standard clothes that every person wears at the beginning and I even saw some other avatars standing around probably looking at mine saying “that guy won’t be able to move around anyways”. And they were right, that’s all I saw from “Second Life” because then the program froze.

So, that was my unique, short experience with this very new program.