Cupcakes with a view

A while ago I reported about cupcakes and the arrival of other items in this city long sought by American expats. Now, another café opened up in Prenzlauer Berg called “Cupcake Bakery” not only offering a wide variety of these delicious calorie bombs but also little sandwiches, English tea, scones and soups etc… Upon my first visit I especially liked the cozy atmosphere upstairs in a room basically lit up only by candles having a great view of the Zionskirchplatz and its impressive church. The Cupcake Bakery can be found at Zionskirchstraße 36. I am pretty sure that in this area with a lot of young people willing to try out new tastes it will find its cupcake fans under the Germans also. The café is completely smokefree.

More smokefree coffee

It was about time to update my list of smokefree restaurants in Berlin. Besides changing the intro text adding the newest developments there are a lot of new entries, especially cafes and coffeehouse chains that changed to smokefree.But read for yourself.

Update: As mentioned earlier, Starbuck’s biggest concurrent in Berlin, Balzac Coffee announced to become smokefree starting today. A quick check at the store nearby: A big non-smoking sign at the door reports about the change. On every desk inside non-smoking signs are positioned in the middle. And in fact no one smokes when I enter the cafe.