Favorite trance tunes

Its’ that time of the year where I’d like to announce the – in my view of course – best trance tracks of the year. First of all I want to say that especially in most recent times there were a lot of good tracks and after I complained that my favorite label “Anjunabeats” was releasing a lot of mediocre tracks the year before, this time there were a lot of very decent tracks that came out. So, no wonder, that Anjunabeats is represented very well in the list of my favorite tracks.

Basically there were two tracks dominating my personal play list as they are

Maor Levi – Shapes (Oliver Smith Mix)


Temple One – Forever Searching (Original Mix)

The remix of Oliver Smith delivered a perfect, euphoric version of a track done by young Israeli Maor Levi. Everything fits, the beat, the scrambled singing as well as the beautiful additional melody kicking in after a while.

British DJ Temple One’s “Forever Searching” lets you float in different spheres. This very romantic trancer is highly addictive.

Besides these tracks I’d like to congratulate Sunny Lax for his remix of Soliquid’s “Music is for rich people” since it comes very close to the legendary “P.U.M.A.”.

Last but not least I want to mention at least some other tracks that were very good. From Scandinavia Finnish Syna “Do you feel” sounded fantastic in the remix of Matti Kotala and Danish DJ Daniel Kandi’s original Mix of “Child” needs to be mentioned too.

Finnish trance

As described before the Loveparade Berlin offered some Trance too so I decided to go there again. On my way to the parade I picked up a couple that just arrived downtown Berlin after a 6 hour ride from southern germany and I led them to the parade. My aim at the parade was defined clearly: I wanted to find float no. 1, the finnish club millenium – without question the best float for all people who are into trance music. And luckily at the time I arrived, the parade at that point was only a few floats away from no. 1.

I decided to follow ALt-4, Super8, Miika Kuisma, DJ Tab and the others DJs for a while but minutes turned into more than 2 hours walking behind that truck which had to do with a superb set that these guys delivered. A lot of Anjunabeats tunes and some older but decent tracks like Chicane’s “saltwater” kept the crowd around the float dancing.

Finnisch Club Millenium float at the Loveparade Berlin

young talented artists

I am very suprised about the excellent quality that many new tracks especially from very young trance artists have.
There is for instance Sunny Lax from Hungary or Ljungqvist from Sweden, both 18 and both released fantastic new tracks.

While Sunny Lax, signed by Anjunabeats, presents an euphoric trancer called “Puma” and a very good b-side with the spheric “Casseopeia” on it – a big part of the trance community was waiting already for the release of these tracks – Ljungqvist brought out “Nella”, an unconventional and fresh new trance track.

This gives me hope for many good quality tracks being released in the future since the offspring for this particular part of electronic music has a lot of talent. Something that is very important for a style that is for big parts not commercial and no charts music.