pickle land

While I’m at it and the nice weather won’t give up: A trip to the Spreewald. I don’t know why I haven’t been there earlier since this is one of the most visited recreation areas of the Berliners and it is close – at least that is what I thought. While the distance is only about 60 miles, it took me about 1.30 hours to leave Berlin plus another 1.20 hours. I could have taken my bike if I would have known that. The reason: I had to first make my way through almost the city crossing it from the far north to the south.


Luebbenau: Probably tourist destination no. 1 in the Spreewald (Spree = a river, wald = forest). It’s main attractions are the pickles being sold almost everwhere in this town, especially at a market close to the – and this is the next attraction – boat harbour. Imagine small woodboats like the ones in Venice, a canal system through a forest and lots of people taking a trip with these nicely decorated boats. I was tempted to go on a ride too but it was already pretty late and since I saw ashtrays on the tables in the boats I didn’t want to go because I did not want to be smoked in.

Luebbenau: canal with boat

Vetschau: This place is almost world-famous for it’s website about a storknest including a webcam that lets you watch the storks when they are there and raise their baby storks. The main church, the Doppelkirche, is a church that, as it’s name says is two churches in one serving in the german language and a minory that speaks wendisch.

Vetschau: Doppelchurch

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