Neues aus der Gastronomie

Momentan gibt’s fast bei jedem Spaziergang durch den Prenzlauer Berg was Neues zu entdecken und auszuprobieren. Das vegane Restaurant “Hans Wurst” in der Dunckerstraße hat leider seine Pforten geschlossen, was wahrscheinlich daher rührt, dass es unweit davon einiges neues im vegetarischen Angebot gibt. So hat in der Lychener Str. vor einiger Zeit das “Vego Foodworld” eröffnet, ein Bio-vegetarischer Imbiss der das erfolgreiche Rezept von Läden wie dem “Yellow Sunshine” (Kreuzberg) oder “YoYo Foodworld’” (Friedrichshain) kopiert. Und auch in der Kaffeemeile Hufelandstraße gibt es Newcomer: Im ehemaligen Charly Cheese (Ecke Bötzowstraße) residiert nun ein großes Wiener Kaffeehaus namens “Kaffeeraum”, das vor allem mit einem großen Getränkeangebot und leckeren Torten glänzt und ein Stück weiter runter hat nun das kleine Cafe “Vanilla” eröffnet, ein Cupcake-Laden. der das das süße Angebot in dieser Straße gut ergänzt.

Cupcakes with a view

A while ago I reported about cupcakes and the arrival of other items in this city long sought by American expats. Now, another café opened up in Prenzlauer Berg called “Cupcake Bakery” not only offering a wide variety of these delicious calorie bombs but also little sandwiches, English tea, scones and soups etc… Upon my first visit I especially liked the cozy atmosphere upstairs in a room basically lit up only by candles having a great view of the Zionskirchplatz and its impressive church. The Cupcake Bakery can be found at Zionskirchstraße 36. I am pretty sure that in this area with a lot of young people willing to try out new tastes it will find its cupcake fans under the Germans also. The café is completely smokefree.

American breakfast and cupcakes

For the american expat some beloved items are very hard to find in Berlin. US food products at Kadewe and other department stores are often overpriced and the american restaurants offer generally meals known to Germans. So, I was quite surprised to discover that a while ago viv (homepage in German), a German organic food store chain started offering organic american breakfast every saturday in their Lounge at Prenzlauer Berg. You’ll find all the long-missed goodies like Buttermilk pancakes, various sorts of scrambled eggs or french toast. This all can be even eaten at acceptable times since you can get american breakfast until 3 pm. At our first visit the place was pretty crowded. The food was made freshly after we ordered.

And for those who desperately seek for cupcakes, rice crispy treats, rootbeer floats etc. there is a place for you in Berlin-Friedrichshain called Cupcake (Krossener Straße 12, near the “restaurant-mile” Simon-Dach-Straße). This café is open from Wednesday and Sunday and offers english and american breakfast too. Vegans will find some adequate food as well.

Cupcakes from Cupcake in Friedrichshain