Surprising fireworks

As I mentioned a long time ago, a lot of fireworks happen at various occasions in Berlin. Yesterday, when I arrived at east downtown, another one was starting right away. Obviously unexpected by the other Berliners too because hardly anybody was there to watch it. People were apparently surprised to watch such a gigantic fireworks with a lot of never-seen-before effects. The sollution: At the moment the International Symposium on Fireworks is happening in Berlin and this fireworks behind the Brandenburg Gate was presented by Weco, one of the big companies in that field. Seems to me that they wanted to present their new innovations. Anyways, a nice surprise to us, the people who were able to watch it.

Fireworks behind the Brandenburg Gate

Boom!town Berlin

It seems to me that the propagated action “give money to asia instead that you spend it for fireworks” was not such a big success at all. Whole Berlin arms with that stuff and you can hear it already now – the day before New Years Eve – whistling and banging in all parts of the city. There is the mother who buys a big rocket assortment for her 13 and 8 year old boys (Congratulations mom, you know whats right for your children!), there is the youth who gets that stuff by themselves (Yeah! Just 18, now lets burn some money!)and even older ones can’t hesitate to buy fireworks for their surely perfect New Year Eve’s party.

To make it clear: I am a huge fan of colourful big fireworks organized by professionals (!) on special occasions. But I do not get the sense of these “Gee, I wanna ruin my ears now” fireworks which are *just* incredibly loud. Who really burns them to shoo the ghosts away like in the original sense of the New Years Eve fireworks?

This all reminds me of my first year in Berlin when I wanted to go to the big 1-million-ppl-attending-new-years-party at the Brandenburg Gate (c’mon, you have to be there at least once, right?) and in order to get there you had to walk through a war-like-zone where people burned down the firecrackers that the brought with since they couldnt enter the party zone with them. A genius idea to have those “burn-down-zones” close to the entrances. It was just pure luck that firecrackers landed in front of my shoes and not *on* them.

Anyways, have fun celebrating out there. Its possible to have that without those firecrackers. Just believe me ;)

glowing skies

As far as I can remember I was always a huge fan of fireworks. The only negative thing about them was that they happened so seldomly. Usually only once a year – on new year’s eve – this colorful lightshow happened in my former hometown.
Now, Berlin is different. Whenever there is something to celebrate – a club has its 100th anniversary, a new building opens up – they do a fireworks. Sometimes you are in an area where such a fireworks is taking place and you didn’t even know before that there will be one happening.
So, moving here increased my ability to watch much more fireworks than I did before and I am happy about it. Just our poor cat, if asked if she wanted to move here she would definetly say “no” – she hates the noise fireworks create.