Hope for the German trance scene

Germany is a desert concerning trance music. It is hardly ever played at clubs, parties and at radio stations. Electro and Minimal rule this country while Trance is big in wide parts of the world like Scandinavia, Eastern Europe or Great Britain. As a result there are not many DJs or labels from Germany that release good quality trance tracks. Tracks in my last “shopping bag” cause hope at my side though that something is changing.

While Paul van Dyk (from Berlin) is not really producing any pure trance tracks anymore – his new releases could be seen as pop music in my view, his label Vandit Records improves by releasing more and more decent trance tracks. Newest example is “Who’s in charge” by Polish DJ Adam Kancerski.

Probably one of the best German trance releases in recent times is the Ferrin & Low Remix of “Deep Impact” by Discodyne.

Good examples that show that there might be coming much more good trance tracks from this country? I hope so.

Walking up stairs in Thuringia

On my list of states in Germany that I haven’t visited so far there are a few left, one of them was Thuringia. This state in the middle of Germany didn’t see me so far since it is pretty far away from Berlin. Almost summerlike weather was announced for thursday so I took my chance to go there. Thuringia has a lot of interesting sights, the practical thing about them is that if you take the Autobahn 4 many of those are just right at it with just a few miles distance in between them. I started at the furthest point away and stopped at the closer cities afterwards.

Wartburg: view of Thuringia

Eisenach – Wartburg: In the hitlist of old castles in Germany, the Wartburg surely will take its place in the Top 3. Not only because this building is situated in a nice landscape but also because of its historical meaning. Martin Luther translated the new testament into German here, students demonstrated for a united german country at the Wartburgfest in the 19th century etc. etc.

Before arriving at the castle the visitor has some obstacles to overcome. When I came to the parking lot I first thought I am paying the entrance fee to the castle already since they demanded 4 euros just for my car to be parked here. What followed was a long and steep walk upstairs to the Wartburg. I would have thought, that, once we drove up on a narrow street including some serpentines the castle was in reach but that was wrong. The view of the building and the magnificent overview of the Thuringia landscape around it was worth all the climbing though.


Baumkronenpfad: Nationalpark Hainlich

My wife saw a documentary about this place a while ago. In a natural preserve, meaning a big forest not man made, a few hundred meter long walkway was created high up at the level of the treetops finishing at an observation deck in a tower. Again, we had to climb a lot of stairs. Continue reading


Watching a german comedian on tv who pretends to be funny I realize again what a wasteland german tv is for people that come from Britain or the US whose tv programs actually have some really funny shows. If you do understand german you will desperatly search for a good laugh at the channels here but won’t find hardly any. Your options are these: Either you watch american sitcoms badly dubbed taking away much of the atmosphere and wit that these shows had in the original version or you watch german productions – basically none of them being funny at all. There is something on with a guy called Bastian Pastewka desperatly trying to copy Larry David (the Seinfeld Creater) and his “Curb your enthusiasm” show forgotting that he might have some talent but he is not like Larry David at all and the writers of the show lack completely of inspiration. If you wanna watch something that is copied but not as bad as that then watch “Stromberg”, a mediocre copy of the british “The Office”.

So, what’s left? You can either watch tv entertainer Harald Schmidt who sometimes has very funny and sarcastic statements or watch one of the many repetitions of ancient Loriot tv shows. Truly of the best comedians Germany has. Sadly, he doesn’t produce new stuff anymore.