soccer = beer = fun?

While almost every day a giant amount of news about the upcoming soccer world cup in Germany floods our daily newspapers – it’s editor’s paradise at the moment because they don’t even need to think hard about new topics – these particular news caught my eyes: While a green politician, Felicitas Kubala from Berlin, demands that only light beer is being sold at the world cup games she is confronted with a big opposition of almost every other party obviously thinking that she is a party pooper from outer space – how can she demand such a impractality?

Looking at what they are saying you might get the idea that they think only someone who is totally wasted is able to enjoy a soccer game. While there might be some truth in it when I watched the last games of the german national team this can not be generalized. Picking light beers – or non alcoholic beer even – not only in soccer stadium but at other sports, proved to be a success before so the only rational decision this time can be only light beer again.