Gigantic entertainment

Big finale at the Berlinale. I already got tickets for the competition movie “Gigante” before the first good reviews came out and  before it won the special “Grand prize of the jury” at the awards ceremony yesterday. It is a very good, funny and unusual as well as intelligent movie about a security guard at a supermarket watching and falling in love with a woman from the cleaning staff. Unusual because a lot of things happening in the movie are presented in the view that the main actor watches them occur – on the monitor of the security camera screen and unusual too due to its sparse dialogue but witty situations that do not need  long explanations or a lot of talking.

After the movie, director Adrian Beniez as well as main actors Horacio Camandule and actress Leonor Svarcas were ready to answer questions of the audience. Due to the fact that the present Berlinale person was not able to translate english -> spanish -> german or vice versa  Leonor Svarcas had to jump in,  Horicio Camandule was not really able to answer anything anymore since he obviously had some big celebrations going on after the award ceremony.

This movie fulfilled my expectations completely.