Trance artists worth listening to

Here are some trance artists who brought out remarkable tracks under their own name or produced good remixes for other artists.

Above & Beyond: Although their last works did not really convince me that much their name stands for the best producers and remixers throughout the last years. Terrific work for Madonna, Fragma and others as well as tracks under their own name or under the project “Oceanlab” proved high quality over and over again. Continue reading

will trance ever be popular?

A short while ago I read an interesting question at the Anjunabeats Forum: Will Trance ever be “in” too, be the hip music style and will it have more commercial success? My answer is a definite “No”

While dance music always was big, it seems to me that we are in a retro wave again. Madonna’s current single for instance seems to be a successful try to turn back the wheels of time since it comes in a 70/80′s disco style and one can only imagine how many artists will now jump on that train and produce similar stuff too.

Beside that most of the trance tracks that are around are instrumental – no singing – and instrumental tracks always had it difficult to be sold to a wider audience. Of course there were some exceptions to the rule – for instance Chicane or Paul van Dyk – but the vast majority of trance tracks didn’t make it into the charts. Even very melodious vocal trance tracks had only small success before.

So, as much as I wish that Trance would become more popular the chances for that aren’t big. Which has its positive aspects too.

Thanks to

I’ve been listening extensively to the trance stream of since the beginning of the year and I have to express a big “Thank you” to the people behind it. In my view it is the ultimate source for listening to the finest Trance music and the best DJ’s in the world This especially since I do not go to clubs at all (too smoky, too loud, too old for that) and most of the radio stations in Berlin play basically crappy teen charts – the only good electronic music show is the one from Paul van Dyk at Fritz.

Additionally needs to be praised for being a non-profit radio station which is based on the enthusiasm of a few people and on donations.
There is not many (internet) radio stations around that offer such a good quality program.