Berlin in grey

While Berlin is certainly a very interesting city when it comes to it’s cultural, culinary or sportive offers the weather here at the moment is simply boring. Every day the same tristesse: Greyness, overcast, temperatures hardly above the freezing point and, occasionally, a very strong icy wind kicking in from the east. Oh – and it drizzles very often. No snow of course, that happens in practically every other part of Germany but not here.

Lively Leipzig

Ok, why shouldn’t I go on a short city trip again since the weather is still beautiful? I mean, come on, this is pretty late in the year already and summer is definetely over at some point soon. The stores are already selling their gingerbreads and other winter bakery items anyways.

Besides this: I was in Dresden, so visiting Leipzig is just a logical followup that had to happen sometime. So, what can I say? Beautiful! I don’t know if or how often I read that Dresden is awesome and Leipzig, well – ok. Now, if there was a competition between those cities I’ll let Leipzig win. Besides that it has at least as many fascinating sights and buildings as Dresden it has one big advantage: There were much more people walking aroung, going out, eating, enjoying themselves than in Dresden. I walked around in Dresden a lot – and I went to see the Altstadt as well as the Neustadt at the other side of the river and I would say that it can be compared with Leipzig – both cities are of the same size and population, it was around the same time of year and the weather was equally good – there were many places in Dresden that were simply deserted. So, there you go: Leipzig is my favorite.

downtown Leipzig

The more I travel through the eastern part of Germany, the more I realize that this area is one of the most important ones when it comes to german history and important german personalities. Leipzig delivers some very good examples here: It is the city where the rallies against the GDR regime began and it is the city which inhabitated famous people like Goethe and the composers Mendelssohn-Bartholdy or, of course, Bach.

There are many photos of Leipzig in my album. Others are from Halle, the next station of my last trip. Halle has a lot of areas that were not restored after the fall of the wall. But its old city center shows, that the structure of places and buildings did not change since the founding of this city.

Markt church

World Cup weather

Dear visitors of Berlin,

Almost the whole year through up to now we we freezing our lower backs off. The weather was constantly yucky and even late may or beginning of june there were some regions in Germany where it almost started to snow again. This was unacceptable for the World Cup so we ordered some good and warmer weather. And what can we say? It is being delivered punctually. You guys can leave your thick clothes at home. So, enjoy your stay here.